February 13, 1999

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Not all of what we do is hard, tedious work. During the summer season, our training camp includes archery, boating, hot air ballooning, and our own rather unique water slide.

Here Michael cleans out the exit vent of one section of the water slide. Rather than one continuous tube, as with normal water slides, our slide has jumps over chasms. It is much more exciting than the ordinary, water park slide.

February 6, 1999

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To quote Mark Monmonier in " Ten Risky Places",

"Almost any place in California, for various reasons: In addition to earthquakes, wildfire, landslides, the state has volcanically active areas in the north, around Mt. Shasta and other major volcanoes, as well as in the east, where the Long Valley Caldera shows signs of renewed activity. Even beyond its infamous seismic zones, California's shoreline is vulnerable to tsunamis (seismic sea waves) from submarine earthquakes throughout the Pacific. More recent additions to this smorgasbord of hazards are smog, freeway snipers, urban riots, oil spills, and (looking ahead a few decades) severe water shortages. "

Yes, the Society must be ever vigilant, ever prepared. Here, two of our scientists inspecting volumes and flow rates in a mud flow plane near the bottom of the Knottmye fault.

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