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Friday, September 21, 2001

Only hours to go and we just now are beginning to think about what to pack.

I only finished my software changes for work at about 5 pm today, and then had to begin cleaning the worst bits of the house. You know, the work you do so that when people come over they think you keep your house clean all the time.

But the day has been mostly one panic after another as I think of yet another thing to clean or check, or something else to be packed, or someone else to send a message, or another thing to unplug, etc. Kathy's day has been the worse. She began at 5 and went to the office. Later, she had to go back to the storage area and help do the final cleanup and pickup of boxes for the new storage facility. At lunchtime, as she walked to a restaurant with Monica and Patti, she noticed a fire just starting in a trash bin in an alley. It was exciting for a while as she and the others warned the nearby business and got someone to deal with it.

Afterwards, she had to go back to the office and work late. As she was getting ready to leave, she discovered that she had forgotten to remove the extra packing boxes and ladder from the van. After tossing the empty cartons in the trash dumpster, a couple of agents helped her dragged the full cartons into the office and then, finally, she could go home. At home, various things we wanted were hiding.

We've long known about the quantum sock effect -- where the atoms in one sock of a pair, when agitated at just the right frequency inside of, say, a washer or dryer, will suddenly and instantly transport themselves to some other spot in the universe. This phenomenon is most easily achieved when one item of a pair is able to steal energy from the other item of a pair. So, one sock of a pair will easily disappear, but a shirt, having no twin, will not, usually. Today, we discovered that if certain items are left unobserved for long enough, however, they apparently can achieve quantum tunneling on their own.

Then the washer drain got plugged and flooded the floor. And the dishwasher didn't clean things, so I had to do them again, and do some of them by hand.

My sister Sue called with some last minute advice and suggestions. "Go see the lighthouse, take the car up to the canyon, shop at the Coconut Market, and rent a bike and ride the island." Good advice all, we'll see what we can do.

Well, the relatives are coming over, the pizza man's on the way -- time to jump up suddenly, hold my arms way up, and begin running around the house and screaming, "Auuuggggh!"

To quote G'Kar, "And so it begins".